We're Fucked Tee (White)

We're Fucked Tee (White)

- A portion of the proceeds from this shirt will be donated to the Indigenous Environmental Network in efforts of supporting Indigenous resistance toward modern government policies that continue to accelerate climate change and environmental catastrophes on a global scale. We want to take this opportunity to give back to the Indigenous Peoples of the Americas who have lived for over 500 years in confrontation with an immigrant society that holds an opposing world view. As a result we are now facing a crisis which threatens the survival of all natural life. We stand (with the Indigenous Environmental Network) on principles of empowering and supporting each other to take direct, informed action and affect our ability to protect our lands from contamination and exploitation.

- For scale, we compare the climate impacts of projects facing Indigenous resistance over the last decade to 2019 estimates of total combined greenhouse gas pollution from the United States and Canada — 6.56 billion metric tons of carbon dioxide equivalent (CO e).

- Total Indigenous resistance working against these projects (through grassroots organizing and nonviolent unification) — including ongoing struggles, victories against projects never completed, and infrastructure unfortunately in current operation — adds up to 1.8 billion metric tons CO2e, or roughly 28 percent the size of 2019 U.S. and Canadian pollution. Victories in infrastructure fights alone represent the carbon equivalent of 12 percent of annual U.S. and Canadian pollution, or 779 million metric tons CO2e.

- Ongoing struggles equal 12 percent of these nations’ annual pollution, or 808 million metric tons CO2e. If these struggles prove successful, this would mean Indigenous resistance will have stopped greenhouse gas pollution equivalent to nearly one-quarter (24 percent) of annual total U.S. and Canadian emissions.

- 100% Cotton

- Designed by Adam Anorga

- Sticker pack included

- Free shipping in U.S.A.